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Portable and Secure IP PBX

Monday, November 28th, 2016

I have been trying to build a prototype of VoIP system for rural area, and I would like to integrate/link the project with my Computer and Network Security course in terms of practical and hands-on application of the materials in the course as well as developing research and team work cultures. In this short post I will try to draw the concept of this system.

The system basically comprises an IP PBX or VoIP server runs on embedded system/single-board computer, several small wireless routers, and VoIP clients. The characteristics of the system that will be implemented in rural area should be portable and resilience, hopefully, regarding devices and their interconnections to each other also connection to other networks or the Internet.

Let us narrow it down to the prototype, make sure it follows the aforestated characteristics or design considerations. First, it needs an IP PBX, we will use Raspberry Pi B+ for the hardware, Raspbian for the OS, and Asterisk for the IP PBX server software that supports SIP and RTP. Second, the network should be resilient in connecting when one or two devices move out to other areas or they shutdown for some reasons. The possible topology is mesh, and the routing protocol is OLSR/B.A.T.M.A.N/Babel. Third, we need to make sure that communications happening over the system could not be intercepted by adversaries. Hence, we need to secure the communications by employing security protocol, such as SRTP or ZRTP.

Seminar Forensik Digital

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Saya dapat informasi dari milis jogja-linux, akan diadakan seminar forensik digital, tanggal 28 April 2012, pukul 8-selesai. Tempatnya di Ruang Semar FISIP, Gedung Agus Salim, lantai 3, Kampus II UPN “Veteran”, Jogja.

Tema acara ini adalah “Menyibak kejahatan dengan forensik digital” dengan pembicara Josua M. Sinambela dan Mada R. Perdhana. Pendaftaran dapat dilakukan di HMJ Teknik Informatika, Kampus II UPN “Veteran”, Jalan Babarsari 2 Jogja. Harga tiket masuk 55 ribu untuk mahasiswa dan 75 ribu untuk umum.

Bagi mahasiswa yang berminat mengikut seminar ini, khususnya OSC Unsoed, sila kontak saya. Tersedia dana yang dapat digunakan untuk pendaftaran dan transportasi, 2 orang saja.